1. Healthy consumers who want to stay healthy for life.
  2. Pre-chronically ill patients
  3. Chronically ill patients

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As an expert you will focus on exercise, nutrition, and interpersonal wellness in a way that creates a lifelong balance of healthy living. The following brief description provides a more detail understanding for each category.


  • Exercise is a natural stress reliever
  • Exercise releases endorphins that will make you happy
  • Exercise allows you to be more spontaneously active in your life
  • Exercise gives you more confidence
  • Exercise is cheaper than therapy


  • Well being is reduced by a poor diet
  • Gives you energy
  • Delays the effects of aging
  • It is becoming too expensive to be unhealthy
  • Maintains your immune system
  • Reduces heart disease and diabetes
  • Extends your life expectancy

Interpersonal Wellness

Interpersonal wellness means having healthy relationships with self and others to promote a healthy community. Relationships look different for different people, but the skills in healthy interpersonal wellness can apply to all types of relationships.

The Franklin Wellness Team focuses on these areas for a healthier you:

  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Financial
  • Environmental
  • Physical

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