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You are in charge of your own healthcare

Franklin has invented the first national "Interpersonal Care System" because we are driven by compassion and a dedication to provide personalized lifestyle care for every community citizen. A nationally connected holistic team with services that puts you in charge of a healthier & happier life!

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Community Wellness Network

Franklin supports Community Wellness Networks that strives to make each community achieve the healthy goals defined by its community leaders.

Your network insures that the following basic goals are always met:

    1. 100% of the community's population has access to its healthy living lifestyle products and services.
    2. A accurate assessment of the community's population current health status with defined improvement targets.
    3. Access to Government and private foundations research grants that is applied by the Franklin national organization.
    4. A single community voice through community leadership represented by citizens, churches, employers, healthcare providers, and community agencies.


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