A Lifetime Of Healthy Living

You are in charge of your own healthcare

Franklin has invented the first national "Interpersonal Care System" because we are driven by compassion and a dedication to provide personalized lifestyle care for every community citizen. A nationally connected holistic team and services that puts you in charge of a healthier & happier life!

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Franklin supports a local lifestyle community foundation that strives to make each community achieve the healthy goals defined by its community leaders.

Your foundation insures that the following basic goals are always met:

    1. 100% of the community's population has access to its healthy living lifestyle products and services.
    2. A accurate assessment of the community's population current health status with defined improvement targets.
    3. Access to Government and private foundations research grants that is applied by the Franklin national organization.
    4. A single community voice through foundation leadership represented by citizens, churches, employers, healthcare providers, and community agencies.


Wellness Clinic

Franklin has a national advisory board of wellness physicians led by Dr. Charles Stratton. A board that has developed therapies that prevent and compliments treatment for diseases. Your cancer, diabetes, cardio and other types of specialists use best medical practices possible. Franklin's advisory board focuses on all natural and healthier lifestyle living as complementary to your current treatment alternatives. We embrace your current community providers and refer all "sick care" to the proper provider. Our clinics are a place for better lifestyle living and focusing on a happier you. An enlightened, happier and healthier place to seek support.

But, our goal for the entire population is simply for you to never become chronically ill. The prevalence of diabetes in the United States is already at 1 in 10 (10%) and projected to be 1 in 7 (14%) by 2030. 90% of these are Type 2 Diabetes. But, we have as a goal that our citizens participation in the Franklin Interpersonal Lifestyle System will be on a path that less than 1 in 50 having diabetes.