Leaders Building A Community Wellness Plan

Time For Action

Why build a community wellness organization?

We are the only developed country that does not have a dedicated wellness system that earns its revenue by delivering only wellness care. Wellness care strives to improve and/or maintain a patient's health through healthier and happier living. Other countries have developed a wellness process that teaches its patients to be "expert Patients" Expert patients actively manage their own care and learn how to minimize their degree of illness due to diseases, such as diabetes. For example, one person in ten in America have diabetes, 50% of our citizens are obese and 67% are not getting the minimum amount of weekly exercise. This crisis can only be solved by community leaders developing a plan for supporting their citizens to be healthier.

Self Funding Model

A community wellness organization can be developed on a step-by-step basis that allows the needed funding to come from delivering virtual services through Franklin's national delivery model. The following are just two examples of the sources of that will allow for your "community wellness organization" to begin operations today:

  1. Fifteen percent of your citizens are getting an annual wellness visit (which is free to your citizens who have insurance, Medicaid or Medicare). By developing a community program that simply encourages and provides a easy way to get these exams will fund the beginning of your community wellness organization.
  2. Your community will have companies who have self-insured health insurance. Providing these companies trained health coaches who are virtually tied through social media, tele-communications and smartphone apps with activity trackers can potentially save more than a $1,000,000 in annual health insurance cost. You wellness organization can earn significant money by earning a share of these savings.

Franklin does a marketing analysis and provides a community implementation plan that meets the status of your community's wellness potential. Every community is unique (why you must have your own wellness organization), but we have the expertise to provide you an accurate plan for success. We do not recommend the start-up of your wellness organization until we have identified $250,000 to $300,000 in start-up revenue.

America spends less than 3% of its healthcare dollars on wellness health; while, other countries spend from 10%-20% of their healthcare dollars wellness. Under current law, national health spending is projected to grow at an average rate of 5.5 percent per year for 2018-27 and to reach nearly $6.0 trillion by 2027. If America grows its wellness expenditure by just two percent it equals a $120 billions dollars industry. This provides amble revenue for your wellness organization to grow at maturity into a multi-million dollar organization.

"As a healthcare leader for a community for more than 30 years; I realised that a dedicated emphasis on wellness is required for the future." Now as a Franklin board member and leader of the wellness community strategy; let us help you deploy what we are deploying in our Evansville/Henderson area!" Bruce Begley
"We build projected view of what your wellness community will look like at maturity." "Also, strive to be fully implemented within 18 months." Robin Williams

Franklin Start-up Agreement

Franklin has two cities who are implementing a Community Wellness Organization, as follows:

    1. City of Franklin, Tennessee
    2. Evansville Indiana, Henderson Kentucky area

Franklin signs a non-binding letter with community leaders who want to build a "community wellness organization" The agreement defines the steps to start-up your wellness organization.

Franklin and your forming wellness organization agree on a start-up plan that creates $250,000 to $300,000 in initial revenue. This plan includes a market analysis, targeted employers, and local providers who will be trained and supported by Franklin's national delivery products and services. The Franklin assigned team includes a medical director, nurse practitioner, two health coaches (nutrition and exercise certified) and a healthy specialist (the healthy specialist is hire for each community locally

Mature Community Wide Wellness Organization.

This diagram is an example of a typical community wellness organization coverage and services. Your wellness organization operates 100% independent of the advance illness system but in concert, as displayed here. As you see, if you are minister, own a health club, employer of any size, assisting living facility, nursing home, primary care doctor or physician specialized in chronic care we build a truly integrated community - JUST FOCUSED ON WELLNESS

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