Company Overview

Company Beginning

Since 2011, Franklin has been actively working on a virtual lifestyle care strategy with a diverse team of healthcare providers, healthcare technologists and health consumer retailers. This diverse and integrated team has now developed regional virtual lifestyle networks, with local healthcare providers who connects with health coaches internationally. This puts you in charge of your health with the necessary tools, training and ongoing support for success 24 hours a day.

Franklin is built on the realities that trends in reimbursement for wellness, consumer health technology, and social networking have created a substantial opportunity for improving each citizen's "quality of health" by assigning a dedicated care team who are virtually connected. Similar to an, the Franklin team delivers a highly engineered, precise and consumer friendly solution online.

Franklin Health Products and Services

Franklin product lines delivers a step-by-step pathway for you to achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle for life. And, for you to have control of your healthcare delivery and outcomes.

Regional Lifestyle Network

Franklin creates virtual regional networks of local lifestyle providers that include nurse practitioners, health coaches, health clubs, Chiropractors, urgent care clinics, and primary care physicians. Regional market size covers 175,000 + citizens. The creation of lifestyle networks that utilizes a member control personal medical record tied to consumer technology is simply revolutionary. This puts each member in charge of their own health.

Franklin Virtual Social Network

Facebook, Facebook groups, Instagram, blogs, podcasts, videos, YouTube, real time online exercise classes, consumer wearables and smartphone apps with Bluetooth devices are a never ending inventory of growing deployment of virtual social networking that will deliver more than 90% of your lifelong healthcare in the future. Franklin, today, has developed an infrastructure, methodology and delivery model to utilize virtual social networking that when followed by its members equals a significant potential to avoid risk of future chronic illnesses and diseases

Franklin’s Lifestyle Store

Franklin Lifestyle Store is an approximately 1,000 sq. ft. retail space that provides an Apple store type environment designed for selling consumer health technology and products.

Increasing availability of health wearable and smartphone devices provides a future of health monitoring, alerting and health documentation allowing for care services never available .

Franklin Consulting

The ability to consult with physician, hospitals, healthcare systems, churches and senior care organizations allow us to deliver knowledge consulting that tailor design and healthy lifestyle plan for any defined communities specific realities. We will define a strategic direction for you to be the healthiest community possible with a sustainable future . The future of healthcare depends on value based outcomes as defined by regulators and compared to your peers. Franklin has for more than 7 years focused on the realities of future care reimbursement.