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Employers have always been the leaders in providing the best healthcare possible for its employees and therefore the communities citizens. Franklin realized that companies who provide employer health services have the same issues as all other types of care providers - disjointed services and support access! It is exciting that 50% of employers have some level of health programs for their employees. Franklin through virtual technology, single community wide wellness strategy, and dedicated wellness providers are needed by the communities employers to deliver more complete wellness care.

High deductible plans with and without health savings accounts are the fastest growing types of employer insurance. The high cost of health insurance has made it impossible for many employers to have any type of plans. Regardless of the type of insurance or even the absent of insurance does not mean that management does not consider the health of their employees as a key priority.

Franklin will provide an ROI that matches or exceeds other employer health vendors; but more importantly we will help any size, or typed insured employer to have a healthier and happier work force. Productivity gains is actually the number one ROI.

50% of employed American workers by just 2024 will be millennials and younger in age. A generation that has grown up with smartphones and social media. Franklin's virtual care employer solutions fit today's workforce but also addresses the lifestyle requirements of the future.

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