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Apple and Fitbit have wellness and monitoring strategies that will include a new future in healthcare delivery. These wearables and apps are planned to cost between $150 to $1,000 in coming years. Franklin providers will be positioned to incorporate this data into treatment plans, therapies and research. In addition, there are a large segment of the population who do not desire or have the excess funds to utilize these solutions. There are solutions that when tied to Franklin's free services can provide invaluable information with the same level of accuracy. The Mgaolo is a an approximately $35 solution that does steps, sleep, and heart pulse rates on a 24 hr basis.

Members who want to explore utilizing an activity tracker that is coordinated to our programs can order the Magolo from Amazon. The following video tells you about the Magolo:

Food Journal

The importance of a food journal can not be underestimated for weight loss or chronic care management

The Under Armour corporation has had a leading food journal that has been utilized by millions of people. Franklin recommends this free Under Armour app, named MyFitnessPal (the premium version cost but the free version is very functional). In addition, it has a friends tab that allows you to add friends to allow you to participate together in eating healthier. The Following myfitnesspal video describes how it works:

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