Franklin Wellness Clinic

Dedicated 100% to Wellness Care

Family practice physicians have an opportunity become a gatekeeper to advanced care in the Franklin Wellness system. This model is typical in other developed countries. The following is a graphic display of the wellness clinic goal of advising their patients to maintain health and support and limit their utilization of advanced chronic care:

From a financial perspective a wellness primary care physician can more than double their income while dramatically reducing the cost to their patients and the community by just assuming the "Gatekeeper" role.

Organization Chart

The Franklin redefinition of a wellness care clinic is an appealing solution to physicians, their staff and patients.

Virtual Health Coach Services - Exclusive to a Wellness Clinic

A900 $1,500 Company Sign Up

A901 $90 Body Aware

A902 $75 Social Challenge

A903 $410 Weight Loss App and Social

A904 $600 Franklin Restore Obesity

A905 $600 Franklin Restore Diabetes/Pre

A906 $600 Franklin Restore Hypertension

A907 $600 Franklin Restore Dyslipidemia

A908 $300 Franklin Sleep Therapy

A909 $300 Franklin Environment

The substantial revenue generate by these services are returned to the community by approximately 3 times each year adhere to from time of services complete.