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A World of Connected Healthy Living

Social Media, Wearable Technology, and Smartphones are examples of technologies that when combined with solid healthcare advice and utilization can bring a new world of self health that can make you healthier and happier for life!

Wheel of Healthy Living

Franklin understands that a person may live a healthy life free of physical and/or emotional stress. But, then suddenly, face one of the many challenges that life presents to most of us.

We know you will love being part of a healthy community with a program to maintain a healthy lifestyle with like minded people from all over the country. But, also a healthy community network that will train and aid you in time of need.

The wheel of well being shown here are the areas in which our programs are designed. So, please review these areas and we hope that you will look to the Franklin team of healthy professionals and fellow members to assist you in the best of times or dealing with the various levels of life's challenges.

Franklin Member For Life Programs

Franklin has programs and services that its members can use as often or as little as they want to maintain a better lifestyle. If you are fighting a disease, chronic illness or spiritual condition we have very specific programs that can significantly assist you with these struggles. Or, if you want a social environment that merely supports your already healthy lifestyle we have a fun and importantly supportive set of services for daily needs connected with people from all over the country.

Program List

Free Membership, Personal Medical Record & Coach Blog

Social Health Challenge (Meet new healthy friends)

Family & Friends Health Challenge

Body Aware 9 Weeks Health Coach Managed Challenge

Virtual Lifestyle School

Premier Weight Management

Employer Sponsored Wellness Plan

Body Restore (chronic illness health coach driven programs with videos and classes for Diabetes, Obesity, Cardio, Sleep and Depression)

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